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What the Mass Means: An Introduction to the Rites and Prayers of the Latin Mass

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Is there a short explanation for what each part of the Traditional Latin Mass signifies? Why are there so many little movements, prayers, and gestures? Why does each matter?

Father Victor Hintgen, a seminary formator during the 1950s at the premier seminary in the world, the Louvain, gives short, succinct explanations of each part of the Traditional Latin Mass in his book What the Mass Means. The explications are simple enough for a child but deep enough to give sufficient consideration to the infinite worth of the Mass. Instead of a technical exploration of the Mass, its parts, and its history, What the Mass Means gives a formative introduction and catechetical elucidation of the Mass perfect for beginners, teachers of the Mass, and those simply curious about why this action comes at this part of the Mass.

Formatted with questions after each section, this book is ideal for First Communicants preparing to better understand the Traditional Latin Mass, small study groups, or homeschoolers.

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