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Viva Cristo Rey - St. Jose Sanchez del Rio Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Wear the incredible witness of this young Cristeros martyr with this venerating shirt. 

In the 1920s, the Mexican government set out to pass laws explicitly against Catholicism, especially the clergy. With a fervent drive to uphold their faith, their culture, and their country, several citizens of Mexico rose up to form and join La Cristiadathe Cristeros rebellion. Initially a peaceful peasant uprising, violence mounted between the government and La Cristiada. "Viva Cristo Rey" is remembered as the rallying cry for the faithful revolutionaries, which translates to "Long live Christ, the King," in English. Several members of La Cristiada have been called and canonized martyrs and Saints, including the October 26, 2016 canonization of Saint Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio. 14 year old Jose Sanchez's feet were cut open by his captors and made to walk the rough road toward the graveyard. During this torture, the soldiers struck Jose Sanchez, who would strike back with the Cristeros' cry "Viva Cristo Rey!" The soldiers coaxed Jose Sanchez to denounce Christ the King by promising to cease the torture and give him back to his family. Jose proclaimed his faith in his Heavenly King all the more, and forgave his cruel captors. Aggravated by his resolve, the soldiers finally shot the young boy in the head after showing him his own grave. Expressing hope to see his killers in Heaven, Saint Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio is a tremendous example of resolute Christian love. 

Extend the testimony of St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio to others, regularly regain your inspiration from St. Jose, or exercise generosity by giving a friend the gift of St. Jose's witness with this That One Sheep shirt.

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