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Thy Kingdom Come: Living the Lord's Prayer in Everyday Life

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It's the most well-known Christian prayer in the world, but do we truly understand its power and meaning?

We regularly pray it. We learned it while we were still learning to speak. It's one of the most important prayers ever given to the human family.

And yet, many of us take it for granted, missing its depth and breadth. But this is the Lord's Prayer. It's called by such a distinguished name because the Lord Jesus gave it to us after his apostles asked him how to pray.

He taught them then with this prayer, and it teaches us still today.

Thy Kingdom Come: Living the Lord's Prayer in Everyday Life is about diving into the familiar and yet unknown world of the Lord's Prayer.

Within its pages you'll discover:
  • How this prayer is a list of seven distinct petitions we ask of God, Why we "dare" to call God our Father,
  • How fatherhood is not a human convention imposed on God but a divine name and identity,
  • Why the beauty of heaven is a model for us on earth,
  • How God's name, his kingdom, and his will are interconnected,
  • Why we pray "this day" for our "daily" bread,
  • Why "as we" are the most overlooked words of the prayer,
  • How God seeks to protect and deliver us from the evil one.
These and many other spiritual insights are given through the seven tenets of the Lord's Prayer. And Thy Kingdom Come is your helpful guide and practical resource to explore them all

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