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Theology of Home IV: Arranging the Seasons Volume 4

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What we cannot see in our Creator, we can see in His creation. It is with the gift of the flower--a powerful representation of the love of God--that we can bridge not only home and garden but also the eternal and the everyday.

In this fourth installment of Theology of Home, Emily Malloy explores the vibrancy and life of the garden. With her expertise as a florist, Malloy brings a wealth of practical ideas for incorporating flowers into our homes as we march through both nature's seasons and the Church's liturgical calendar. Yet this edition, like the rest of the series, does not stop at the material level. Remembering mankind's beginnings in the Garden of Eden, Arranging the Seasons highlights our intrinsic need for beauty within the human heart.

Explored within this edition of Theology of Home are the deeper questions of life, family, love, and God that animate our efforts to cultivate the earth. In simple and small ways, it will inspire us to layer our lives and homes with the intangibles that turn the stuff of matter into a song.

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