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The Word Is Very Near You

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The acclaimed spiritual writer Fr. Stinissen says that all Christian literature and preaching are nothing more than an attempt to explain and interpret what God himself has spoken to us in the Bible. God is active in his holy Word, and he is also active in man's research and seeking, in his stage of study and knowledge. In Jewish tradition, study of the Scriptures has always had a prominent place, and from her beginning, the Church has continued in that same path, above all through the Fathers of the Church. Today, with the growing development of scholarly methods, exegetes have made immense progress in both Catholic and Protestant circles.

Fr. Stinissen shows how the Bible reveals to us our true life with God - a life of joy, beauty and love. The Word is Very Near You is a book for all who wish to experience the living Word of God. He says that Bible reading and prayer belong inseparably together, and both are indispensable for anyone who wishes to live in close communion with God.

This book will give us a deeper understanding of all the treasures that are hidden in the field of God's Word. But without prayer, one's understanding will only be a superficial glitter that will soon disappear.

My wish is to give some simple advice on how we can draw nearer to God's Word and let it penetrate us in order that it will bear fruit in our lives.
- Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, from the Foreword

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