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The Vine: Different Journeys, One Destination

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Sometimes we can feel like we're on a journey, moving down a road toward an unknown destination. We may find ourselves questioning where that journey will lead and whether the destination will be worth the trip. Some journeys are easy and some more difficult. Sometimes they can be very lonely. Though it would be nice to have others with us, many times God has us traveling those roads without anyone but Him. We learn to trust Him. We learn our purpose. We build our faith.

When we finally reach our destination, we may find there were others also on a journey. Perhaps they were sharing the same road or traveling down a different road, but we soon discover that each of us was searching for the same God-inspired destiny.

Maybe you're on a lonely journey. Perhaps, like a vine with thorns, people seem to keep their distance because they don't want pain or entanglements; however, God is there. He can use the most unlikely encounters and circumstances to move you along the path He has prepared for you.

As The Vine demonstrates, our God has an amazing journey for each of us. Although different, the destination is the same--to know Him intimately and to experience His love and grace.

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