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The the Foundations of Wisdom: Ethics (Textbook)

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How do we truly live well? Can philosophy actually tell us how to be happy?

Constantly under attack in today's day and age, the Church's philosophy of what it means to be human and how to act serves as the logical consequence and culmination of all the truths of her theology and holy religion. But if we do not understand why we should act well according to the light of natural reason, it will be all the more difficult to explain why we should act in a certain way according to the light of supernatural revelation.

In short, the Church's philosophical system of ethics may well be the most important thing to learn today, and so it forms the culmination of our Foundations of Wisdom series. Ethics covers the teachings of Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas, showing how living a life according to the Church's perennial philosophy not only is not contrary to reason but also leads to the culmination of what reason was made for: the perfection of the human person, serving as a vehicle for beatitude.

In this fourth and final volume of The Foundations of Wisdom, you will understand the Church's teaching that the human person should act according to the light of natural reason by delving into the teachings of Saint Thomas and seeing how natural reason harmonizes with the ethics of Holy Mother Church. Deepen your understanding of our very selves, learning how God made us to come to know Him and see His mark in every aspect of creation. Finally, understand the journey to happiness that God through His Church has provided for us to reach our ultimate end: eternal beatitude by union with God.

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