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The St. Francis de Sales Signature Set

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The St. Francis de Sales Signature Set are representative of why St. Francis was so well-received during the Counter-Reformation, and indeed, throughout history. One can easily see why St. Francis de Sales received the title "Doctor of Charity" from the works selected (Introduction to the Devout Life; Consoling Thoughts; Sermons; Catholic Controversies), as his outpouring of it is evident in each of the four works. Introduction to the Devout Life is his efforts to help other souls love God like he did; Consoling Thoughts expresses his love for suffering souls in giving them solace and exhortation to continue; Sermons relay his daily love for his flock, preaching to them about the different aspects God's love; and finally, Catholic Controversies is his apologetical love, exerting effort to win souls back to the Church.

Perhaps more than any other saint, St. Francis preached truth with love. His teachings, his works, and his very presence were consoling to those 72,000 lost souls of Switzerland and to millions of more over the centuries. Now, then, it is our hope that they will offer hope, consolation to a new generation of Catholics and spur on greater love of God and neighbor.

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