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Catholic Comic Book Bible: Acts of the Apostles

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The engaging illustrations help Scripture come alive and capture the importance of the events and the dignity of the characters

The frame-by-frame narrative makes it easy--and entertaining--for everyone to discover Acts of the Apostles: the story of Jesus and the His Apostles as they formed the early Church.

Younger children can become familiar with the adventures of Acts of the Apostles by following the story through vibrant illustrations, while older children will be immersed in God's Word like never before.

Your children and teens will reach for God's Word again and again, and you'll find yourself doing the same If you've always wanted to really sit down and read the Bible but have found it difficult, this is the Bible for you.

Acts of the Apostles features:

  • The complete text of the Acts of the Apostles (Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition)

  • Fully illustrated comic-book style frames for every verse

  • A graphic novel-style binding, making it easy to read on-the-go

  • Chapter and verse numbering for easy reference

Discover the thrilling story of how Jesus's first followers went forth to evangelize the world--and the adventures and dangers they faced along the way--in captivating comic book form

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