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The Advocate: The Spirit of Truth

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The ancient conflict between truth and falsehood persists to this day. Truth is rooted in the reality created by God, the ultimate source of truth, but the devil distorts the truth so as to lure people away from God. Today, confusion reigns. Modern society embraces relativism and easily falls prey to the devil's falsehood; even Catholics often believe or teach false doctrines. It's more challenging than ever to discern what is true, to order our lives according to it, and to share it with others.

Yet the battle is far from lost. Christ promised to send "the Spirit of Truth"--the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, the Advocate. In The Advocate: The Spirit of Truth, Father Andrew Apostoli brilliantly examines the work of the Holy Spirit in our personal lives. He discusses how the Holy Spirit dispels ignorance, corrects errors, and opposes falsehood. In turn, the Advocate gives us the wisdom to discern the truth, the strength to choose to live according to it, and the confidence to proclaim and defend the truth.

Father Andrew skillfully explains how human knowledge works, the relation between faith and reason, and how the Holy Spirit uses both to lead us to the truth. He discusses the vice that is at the root of all falsehood and the virtue that is necessary for acknowledging and living out the truth. Learn how to overcome harmful ignorance, develop a "positive hunger" for the truth, and why the role of Advocate is uniquely tied to the sacrament of Confirmation. The reflection questions that accompany each chapter encourage the reader to examine his or her own relation to the truth and to invoke the Holy Spirit for guidance.

With this book, Father Andrew succeeds in his mission to inspire readers with personal devotion to the Holy Spirit and confidence in his constant presence in their lives. Through clear explanations, numerous references to the lives of the saints, and insightful challenges, Father Andrew encourages us to love and live out the truth, found with the help of the Holy Spirit in the will of God.

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