Elizabeth Zelasko

Stella Maris Print

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When we read books we can see images in our minds, and being commissioned for a work of art is much the same. The client says, “Stella Maris”, and there she is in my mind - a dazzling display of everything that the sea was to me growing up as a child and teen. I had spent countless late nights with friends star gazing on dark beaches. I always felt the presence of Our Lady in those moonlit moments, even when I was far from her Son.

Strong and powerful, calm and gentle, hauntingly beautiful - the Blessed Mother and the sea have much in common. But in this image we find her in the light. Mary is lit wholly from the light of her Son. She becomes a beacon of hope and a guiding light to all her children who are traveling in darkness.

This Stella Maris design was commissioned by Motherboards LLC for their very first surfboard! https://loveyourmotherboard.com/. Surfboards are available for purchase!

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