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St. José Sánchez del Río Adult Socks

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José was born at a time when the Mexican government was attempting to ban Catholicism which led to the Cristero War. At 14, José begged to join the fight, but was only admitted as the flag bearer. During the war, he was captured and told that if he renounced his faith, his life would be spared. He refused, and as a final act, the bottom of his feet were skinned and he was forced to walk to his grave. When at the foot of his grave they asked him again to renounce his faith; he responded: “I will never give in. Long live Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe!”

José nació en un momento en que el gobierno mexicano estaba tratando de prohibir el catolicismo, lo cual resultó en la Guerra Cristera. A los 14 años, José imploraba reunirse en la guerra, pero solo fue admitido como abanderado. Durante la guerra, fue capturado y avisado que si renunciara su fe, se salvaría su vida. El se negó, y como acto final, le despellejaron las plantas de sus pies y se vio obligado a caminar hacia su tumba. Al pie de su tumba le pidieron otra vez renunciar a su fe; él respondió: “No me rendiré. ¡Viva Cristo Rey y Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!”

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