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Roadmap to Heaven: A Catholic Plan of Life

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Do you want to go to heaven? Of course, you do. But do you know the way? Wouldn't it be nice if there were a map that shows the way to heaven? There is

In this remarkable book, Father Ed Broom shows that the key to getting to heaven is to have a plan of life.

Father Broom's plan is striking in its simplicity. Everyone can do it With his help, you will develop a plan of life designed just for you that will set you on and keep you on (if you are faithful to it) the path to heaven

This no academic exercise, Fr. Broom will help you form a plan, right down to the minute, breaking down your roadmap into the various legs of your journey to Heaven:

  • Annual: Great advice to ramp up your spiritual life in the next twelve months

  • Monthly: Practical steps to take each month to become a saint

  • Weekly: What practices do you need to be faithful to every seven days?

  • Daily: In next 24 hours God gives you, what can you give back to him?

  • Hourly: Can you really do something every 60 minutes that will help you get to heaven? (Hint: the answer is YES )

  • Minutes: Really? Yes, really. Father Broom will show that you can do something every sixty seconds that will keep your eyes on the prize and your feet on the path.

Many books claim that they will "change your life " Well, this one really will. If you heed its advice and follow the map, you will be well on your way to heaven.

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