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Simple Offering's new release 'Prodigal' is a creative, dynamic, and fresh take on the classic story of the Prodigal Son. Whereas most interpretations of this story can seem overdone, predictable, and sometimes cheesy, 'Prodigal' provides a new and authentic approach to reflecting on the powerful themes of mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love. The tracks are all built on a minimal structure utilizing pleasing picking patterns on the guitar, supported by combinations of percussion, ethereal vocal layering, well-composed strings, and tasteful bass, all wrapped in organic vibes. Anyone who gives 'Prodigal' an intentional listen will come away satisfied and inspired.

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NOVUM COLLECTIVE is comprised of Catholic musicians from all over the country who are passionate about worship.  Their individual styles range from Alternative Rock, to Singer/Songwriter, to Contemporary Christian Music.  Though each artist’s styles are different, their missions are the same - to witness God’s truth and beauty through art. Through the collective, their goal is to have an outlet to serve the church by leading an experience of genuine worship through music and art.

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