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In 1800, Pope Pius VII made a significant change by arriving at Vatican City in style—by carriage, not on horseback. This marked a notable shift in transportation. Since then, popes have used various four-wheeled vehicles for their travels. Pope Pius XI chose a Mercedes-Benz Nürburg for his public appearances, but it was Pope Paul VI who popularized the term "Popemobile" in the 1960s. Car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Ford then created custom vehicles for papal use. These vehicles often featured raised, bulletproof glass enclosures at the rear, ensuring the Pope's safety while allowing him to be seen. Popemobiles also included seating for clergy and security personnel. Over time, newer models have emerged with advanced security measures, improved visibility, and luxurious amenities. The Popemobile remains an iconic symbol, providing a secure platform for the Pope to engage with the faithful during public appearances worldwide. 

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