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LoveEd Boys Level 1: Boys That Are Strong, Smart and Pure

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It's not easy growing up, but there's good news God is here to help you, and He has surrounded you with plenty of other people who want to see you become a strong, smart, and pure young man

This guide will help you and your parents talk about the joys and struggles that come along the journey from childhood to adulthood.

In this book, you'll get to know a 5th grade boy named Joey. You'll see him in his daily life as he encounters the various struggles that come with growing older, including his changing relationship with his siblings, parents, and friends, as well as the physical changes that have begun to take place in his body.

In addition to Joey's story, you'll also learn a great deal about the biological and emotional changes that come during puberty, and how you can manage those changes in accord with God's plan for your life.

This is a time in your life that can sometimes be confusing, but this book--along with your parents--will prepare you to face life's challenges with the strength and education you need to be a pure child of God

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