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Listening for God: Silence Practice for Little Ones

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Through bright and captivating illustrations and a compelling, interactive storyline, Listening for God, by bestselling children's book author Katie Warner, shares the biblical story of the prophet Elijah to help children understand the importance of silence in listening for God's still, small voice and uncovering His adventurous plan for their lives.

Children and adults alike will take away valuable lessons from the book, including:
  • God wants to speak to you! The more we practice listening for Him, the more we prepare our hearts to hear His voice.
  • God is already speaking to you! He speaks to you through His Word (the Bible), through other people, and through the blessings and gifts He gives you. We should always be listening for these messages of love from Him.
  • Relationships take effort. We grow in relationship with Jesus when we give Him our time and our hearts. Even just a few minutes of silent time each day can grow into future holy hours that our children will spend with their Savior and Best Friend.
Listening for God, with its creative elements that make children eager to read and participate again and again, will become an invaluable resource to your family prayer life.

*Note for readers: This book is devoutly Catholic in its teaching on prayer. Rooted in Scripture and in the Church's rich tradition of adoration and the beauty of silence, it encourages busy little ones to learn the building blocks of reverence so as to be ready for conversation with God as they continue to grow in their spiritual lives. There is nothing about mindfulness or centering prayer discussed or encouraged in the book.

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