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Let's Give 'em Summa to Talk About - St. Thomas Aquinas Adult T-shirt

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St. Thomas Aquinas knew faith and reason is something to talk about, so he gave us the Summa to talk about. Express your punderful love for Catholic faith and reason according to the fraternally nicknamed "Dumb Ox." 

Too much and not enough can be said for this brilliant saint. It's asking a lot to simply read his extensive, thorough, and outstanding work, the Summa Theologicae. What is seemingly an exhaustive work of Christian philosophy remains unfinished after its author, St. Thomas Aquinas, experienced a revelation that made him firmly claim that his writing was "like straw" when compared to what had been revealed to him. What synthesis of human thought, after all, isn't like straw in light of infinite wisdom itself? Nonetheless, Aquinas' Summa prevails as unfailingly fruitful insight into the famed combination of faith and reason while leading philosophers and theologians to further thought still today. Just ask any Catholic seminarian to validate this claim.

Extend the testimony of St. Thomas Aquinas to others, regularly regain your inspiration from St. Thomas' example, or exercise generosity by giving a friend the gift of St. Thomas' witness to Christ and His Church with this That One Sheep shirt.

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