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Helena | Chews Life Rosary

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This beautiful silicone rosary is sure to bring joy to your home.  This marble and lilac teething toy is not only soothing for your little one but is also sure to help build wonder and love for the rosary.  Watching your child hold this Silicone Rosary is like watching them hold the hand of Mary.

Our Silicone Rosaries feature: 

  • Our own chewy cross
  • Sturdy organic cotton cord
  • Snap clasp
  • FDA-certified, food-grade silicone
  • Lifetime guarantee

Not suitable as a chewable toy for children ages 4+ and not intended for children to sleep with.

This silicone rosary is named after St. Helena. Helena was the mother of Emperor Constantine. Although her family was lower class, she married a man of higher status named Constantius. Together they had their son Constantine. However, when Constantine was about twenty years old, Constantius divorced Helena to marry someone else and advance his career. 

Constantine remained loyal to his mother and always supported her. Even as his own status advanced he stayed close to Helena. After his father's death, Constantine became emperor and brought his mother back into the center of his court.

Through Constantine, Helena was exposed to Christianity and embraced it. Constantine gave her the mission to find Christian relics. On this mission to locate relics, Helena took many trips to the Holy Land. She had a number of churches constructed to commemorate different places of Christ's life such as His birthplace and the place of His ascension into Heaven.

During her time in the Holy Land, Helena discovered the three crosses. In order to discover which cross was the cross of Christ, Helena brought a woman in need of healing and asked her to touch each cross. Upon touching one of the crosses, the woman was healed. Helena then proclaimed this to be the true cross of Christ.

Helena died in 330. She was buried in the Mausoleum of Helena outside of Rome. Now, her sarcophagus can be viewed at the Vatican Museum.

Helena not only sought relics, but was incredibly charitable. She spread Christianity to many places and lived her life for Christ. St. Helena, pray for us!

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