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Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics 5.2: Book Five Soteriology Part Two the Work of Christ the Redeemer and the Role of His Virgin Mother

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 In Handbook of Catholic Dogmatics, Book V, Soteriology Part 2 the nineteenth-century German dogmatician Matthias Joseph Schee¬ben turns to an in-depth study of Christ's redemptive deed. He begins this work with an exploration of the prerequisites for the In¬carnate Word's redemptive efficacy—his personal/capital grace and resultant perfections of intellect and will.

Scheeben then examines the various states or mysteries of Christ's life as well as the efficacy proper to his redemptive deed, by which the God-man restores and superabundantly perfects the supernatural order ruined by the first human sin.

In this connection, Scheeben also includes his Mariology in this volume precisely insofar as Mary is the mother of the Redeemer. Located here in his Dogmatics, the figure of Mary thus serves as the point of departure for his planned treatment of the grace of Christ in its ecclesial mediation.

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