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Following Jesus Every Day: How Believing Transforms Living

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The monthly catechesis series in the Cathedral of St. Stephen by the renowned Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, have become an institution among many people in Austria. In simple but beautiful words and vibrant images presented by the Cardinal, the doctrine and the practice of the faith are fruitfully brought together.

The catechesis in this volume addresses the basic questions of Christian morality, how we live what we believe as followers of Christ. Catechesis means a strengthening in the faith, of what we believe, and thus live. Cardinal Schoenborn points out that we are not left alone in our conduct, in the difficult task of coping with life's challenges: God's grace helps us. Thanks to this divine help, good conduct is possible, as we see in the great examples of the saints.

This cycle of catechesis leads from the basic question--What is ethical conduct, and how is it possible?--to the question of holiness, and how do we become saints? His reflections on morality always begin with human experience. What then is the specific character of Christian morality?

Cardinal Schoenborn explores these and many other important questions about Christian moral living, using the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, as well as insights from the Church Fathers and the saints. He covers these and other key topics:

  • Christian ethics is a life in and with Christ
  • We have true freedom in Christ
  • Conscience - the inner voice that summons us to the good
  • Acting responsibly
  • Dealing with our passions
  • How virtue makes us good
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Sin, grace and holiness

"Catechesis is something different from a theological discourse. Catechesis is actually a way, and we are invited to set out on such a catechetical way. For catechesis is very closely connected with the mission of Jesus himself. It is actually the direct translation of his mission, which he gave to the apostles at the end of his life: 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.'"- Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn

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