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Faith Phone Charm

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The Rosary is a sacred prayer linking our words to heaven. Put this rosary charm on your phone as a link to heaven, asking for the angels and saints to surround you with God’s protective love. May all the content on your phone first pass through the filter of God’s grace, may you be protected and shielded from anything unlike love, may you be inspired to share words of kindness and to further His kingdom through technology, in the most precious name of Jesus we ask this, AMEN.

How to attach your phone charm:
Take your phone out of its case.
Find the mute button opening on the phone case. (if you don't have one on your case, you can use a different side opening.)
Insert the looped end of the phone charm through the mute button opening. Do not pull the gemstones through the hole.
Tie a knot by using the looped end. Open the loop with one hand and pass the beaded part of the charm through to form a (lark's head) knot.

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  • Attach to your mobile phone case
  • Approximately 6"
  • Features three silver-tone crosses and a "faith" charm tag
  • Crystal Pearls/ Shungite/Glass Beads
  • These premium heirloom-quality crystal pearls are lead-free, sustainably manufactured, and environmentally friend
  • Natural gemstones vary in coloring and shape
  • Medals hand-cast in a sacred pilgrimage site in Italy
  • Woven in Mexicali
  • In a box with an inspirational card

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