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Epic Saints: Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God's Heroes

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Discover the Epic Humanity of the Saints! The saints are not myths or legends, they were people just like us who lived lives of epic virtue.

If the saints have never made you laugh or drop your jaw, they will in this book. Bestselling author Shaun McAfee (Reform Yourself , Filling Our Father's House) and guest writers illustrate how the saints were not just stone-faced old men. Some of them had quirky habits, outrageous personalities, and did breathtaking deeds...but they all had epic faith.

Their lives were filled with events that push our understanding of charity with intrepid virtue, but at certain points, they lacked common sense and were uproariously funny, too. Discover the time:
- A young man known for his spiritual perfection almost blew himself to bits with a cannon.
- The saint of the Cristero War became a master of disguises to save Christians and hilariously taunt his persecutors.
- Twin saints conjured dragons and tempests just to preserve vocations of novices.
- The founder of the Oratorians joked about his own death, just moments before he died.
- A famous cardinal rejected guaranteed conclave votes to make him pope.
- A magnificent preacher was, understandably, accused of being insane.

You'll be filled with faith and laughter as you discover that God truly sends the lowly to do his will on earth, but that over time and with God's graces, the lowly are lifted the highest--even if they are a little wild, weird, and epically wonderful.

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