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Confusion in the Kingdom: How 'Progressive' Catholicism Is Bringing Harm and Scandal to the Church

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What is going on in the Church today??

There has always been variety within the Catholic family—different ways to pray, different approaches to the supernatural mysteries, different moral and doctrinal emphases to meet the challenges of every age and place. But 
always united in the one recognizable Faith.

These days, however, all those harmonized differences of the past have given way to a cacophony of dissent, fracturing Catholic unity and pitting the body of Christ against itself. The world, which used to see the Church as an unshakeable rock of certainty (even when it hated us!), now looks at the many self-proclaimed liberal or “progressive” clerics, leaders, and influencers and isn’t sure anymore what Catholicism actually teaches and doesn’t teach, permits and forbids, blesses and condemns.

And not just the world—many Catholics, too, are looking at this mess and throwing up their hands.

Confusion in the Kingdom, apologist Trent Horn (Why We’re Catholic) helps you make sense of the present chaos by examining the factions of progressive Catholicism and their beliefs, showing why they’re not representative of Catholic orthodoxy and exposing the harm and scandal they have caused.

Even better, he explains how to argue against those liberal errors you’re most likely to encounter on social media or at a family gathering. Whether it is in matters of doctrine, political and social teachings related to justice and the common good, or the many areas where liberal Catholics want to rewrite traditional Christian teaching on sex and the family, if there’s a progressive Catholic notion causing confusion, Trent is there to shine on it the clear light of perennial truth.

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