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Catherine of Genoa: Purgation and Purgatory, the Spiritual Dialogue

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"...while offerings by lamas and yogis have been plentiful, books on Western mystics were - and are - hard to find. The Paulist Press has just published... an ambitious series that should help remedy this situation." Psychology Today

Catherine of Genoa: Purgation and Purgatory, The Spiritual Dialogue translation and notes by Serge Hughes introduction by Benedict J. Groeschel, O.F.M. Cap. preface by Catherine de Hueck Doherty

"All that I have said is nothing compared to what I feel within, the witnessed correspondence of love between God and the Soul; for when God sees the Soul pure as it is in its origins, He tugs at it with a glance, draws it and binds it to Himself with a fiery love which by itself could annihilate the immortal Soul." Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510)

Catherine, who lived for 60 years and died early in the 16th century, leads the modern reader directly to the more significant issues of the day. In her life she reconciled aspects of spirituality often seen to be either mutually exclusive or in conflict. This married lay woman was both a mystic and a humanitarian, a constant contemplative, yet daily immersed in the physical care of the sick and the destitute.

For the last five centuries she has been the inspiration of such spiritual greats as Francis de Sales, Robert Bellarmine, Fenelon, Newman and Hecker. Friedrich von H gel's famous Mystical Element of Religion was a study of the spirituality of Catherine. Purgation and Purgatory is a collection of sayings on spiritual purification in this life and the next. The Spiritual Dialogue gives us a readable and coherent inner history of Catherine.

The translation and notes for the volume are by Serge Hughes, Professor of Italian at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Dr. Hughes is best known for his The Fall and Rise of Modern Italy and The Little Flowers of St. Francis. Dr. Benedict J. Groeschel, who authored the Introduction, is Director of the Office for Spiritual Development of the Archdiocese of New York. He teaches pastoral psychology and ascetical-mystical theology at Iona and Fordham, and at St. Joseph's, Immaculate Conception and Maryknoll Seminaries. The Preface has been written by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, the founder and Director General of Madonna House. She is author of such well known books as Poustinia and The Gospel Without Compromise.

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