Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus


"I am the way, and the truth, and the Life." What better focus for our prayer, reading, and study than the person of Jesus. We've put together a collection of works to bring you deeper into the mystery of the Incarnate Word and deeper into intimacy with the bridegroom of your soul. 

Any study of Christ should begin with Sacred Scripture.  Scripture truly is the privileged place to ponder the glorious face of Christ our Savior.  To supplement our prayer and study of scripture, prayerful commentaries provide supports from great guides of the spiritual life for our journey to and with Jesus.

In the last century, we've been blessed by a number of great works from great minds and holy souls on the life of Jesus.  What treasures can be found in a study of the life of Christ!

Not only has the Church been blessed by great intellectuals, but also great mystics.  Classics such as St. Faustina's Diary or the writings of Anne Catherine Emmerich on the Passion of Jesus grant us access to the great love and desire that Jesus has for our salvation.  In all of the mysteries of the life of Christ, those of his passion are a uniquely rich source of grace for our prayer and contemplation.

Jesus, grant in our study we may know you more and in knowing you more we may love you all the more!