Holy Heroes

COMPLETE Learn the Holy Mass Set

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Kids learn the Holy Mass 1-2-3--for all types of learners!

  • Watch the video--to learn who does what, when, and why in the Holy Mass
  • Listen and pray along with the audio CD--to learn your prayers and responses
  • Color along with the coloring book--dive even deeper into the Mass by coloring along (active engagement)
  • Follow along with the missalette--every time you participate in Holy Mass

The COMPLETE SET includes:

Inside the Sacraments: The Holy Mass VIDEO DVD

The Holy Heroes Adventure Guides take you on a fascinating step-by-step journey through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Scripture, history, and tradition are explained in a way that makes the prayers and actions of the priest—and our reverent responses— come alive in the imaginations and hearts of children ... and adults.

Our children teach your children WHO does WHAT, WHEN, and WHY during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We explain all the sights, sounds, and actions of the Liturgy so your children can better understand, pay attention, and participate in the Mass. They will enjoy learning from all our Adventure Guides and our special guest stars ... Fr. Leopold and The Corporal!

Running time: About 60 minutes plus bonus material. Not rated.

Going to Mass will never be the same for your family again!

Glory Stories CD Vol 8: Best-Loved Catholic Prayers and Prayers of the Mass

Let our Holy Heroes Adventure Guides teach your children the Mass responses plus two dozen prayers--and how to pray them like a Catholic!

The prayers are taught by children and as such are very engaging for little ears. As the CD is played, in the car, during bed time, or as part of Religious education, children will learn their prayers in a natural way. They will learn the prayers Catholics around the world have said for 2,000 years -- and when to say them, from when you wake in the morning to when you go to bed at night. Listeners learn not just the prayers, but also what gestures and postures accompany each prayer.

Some of the prayers included are morning prayers, prayers before meals, evening prayers, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, all the parts of the Mass, and more!

Best-Loved Catholic Prayers & Prayers of the Mass Missalette

Imprimatur and approved by the USCCB.

Over two dozen traditional Catholic prayers and devotions, with explanations and background to take you from your Morning Offering to evening Examination of Conscience, with favorite Latin prayers, too. The most fun prayer book you'll ever see, with helpful hints throughout from the "Holy Heroes Adventure Guides." (See sample pages above.)

The Mass prayers and responses are according to the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. Includes the prayers and our responses for when a bishop presides at Mass, too! Mass postures in blue, other comments in red, wording changes in bold, and even some of the typical responses in Latin and Greek.

Large, size 14-font, so it's easy for Mom and Dad to read even when it's held at child's-eye level!

Participating at Holy Mass: A Coloring Book Guide

This unique coloring book takes you step-by-step through:

  • What to do when you enter the church
  • What to look for in the church
  • What to watch for (and why) during Holy Mass
  • What your response is to everything you see and hear during Mass--the words, the gestures, the postures!

Whether used at home, in a classroom, or during catechism classes, this coloring book is a valuable tool for fostering a deeper understanding and participation in the liturgy. You can even bring this along to Sunday Mass and keep kids focused (and engaged) during the entire Mass!

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