Educating Young Kids at Home

Educating Young Kids at Home


Maria Montessori not only revolutionized education for young children through her approach which follows each child’s individual needs and offers an environment for self discipline and independence through the use of hands-on-materials but she also outlined children’s inner spiritual development. 

The Montessori approach deeply respects children’s development based on how God made each human being. It is a holistic and truly Catholic approach to education.The children are able to grow to their full God-given potential through their ability to make real choices, through being able to become independent and self-disciplined, and through the use of real hands-on materials.

Based on her work, Gianna Gobbi and Sofia Cavalletti founded the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd which highlights children’s relationship with Christ the Good Shepherd and welcomes children into the life of the Church through a hands-on approach.

At Sophia Montessori Academy, we are blessed to be able to offer our children an authentic Montessori education founded on the reality of Christ as the Good Shepherd. It is beautiful to see the children form a deep attachment and relationship with Christ through their work in the classroom and with our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd lessons. 

Below are a few beautiful illustrations of children’s religious sensitivity:

  • A 3 year old saying with love: “My dad carries me like the Good Shepherd carries the sheep” while looking upon an icon of the Good Shepherd. 
  • A 4 year old shouting “Alleluia” joyfully when she realized we had more than one Bible
  • 5 year olds exclaiming “We can’t wait to go to Heaven” 
  • A child running to get a cross after seeing a spider in the classroom as he knows that the Cross is the strongest weapon
  • A child saying: “Did you know Jesus is God?!”

We are happy to share with you books to support you in your role of primary educators as you walk the path of holiness with your children.