The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

by Desirae Sifuentes

Written by a mother, for fathers.

Listen: I’m an excellent gift giver. I have been told countless times that I have a knack for gift-giving… and not just by my husband and kids.

I say this not to toot my own horn, but to inform you, gentlemen, that you’re in the right place (especially if you’re reading this because your lady sent you the link). While I am indeed a woman, my thought process tends to be rather masculine; you won’t be bored with my life story before you get to the “recipe,” nor will you be given a paragraph about why each item changed my life. Your guide is divided into price brackets, and each item will have a brief “who this is for/why this item” attached to it, and that’s all. 

Let’s dive in:

$25 and below

$22.99 West Coast Catholic Holy Water Spritzer

For the western woman who’s high class, and needs a compact, leak-free holy water vessel for her purse and travels.



Blessed Is She St. Teresa of Avila Rosary

If your bride is wicked smart and the funniest person you know, this rosary honoring one of the four female doctors of the church will compliment her perfectly.


$25 Full of Grace Antique Series Cards

She’s a classic woman in more ways than one. These exemplary cards will pair perfectly with her elevated gift wrapping and penpal hobby.



$21.95 Sophia Press Diary of an American Exorcist: Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil

You didn’t think this was going to be a list of nothing but fluff, did you? If your girl wears a Benedictine medal, has a devotion to St. Joseph Terror of Demons, and knows who to call when those bumps in the night just aren’t sitting right (“Hey, St. Michael?”), then she’ll devour this book!


$50 and below

$38 My Saint My Hero Greatest Love Deuteronomy 6:5 Cuff

For the minimalist/dainty details mom, who values subtle faithful style. Hint: stealthily ask her if she prefers gold, silver, or rose gold!



$28 My Saint My Hero Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict

Available in white, black, and gray, this St. Benedict medal is for the mom who values tradition illuminated by modernity, and classic accessories with fun twists. Bonus: this necklace also has Medal Earrings ($35), and a Daughter of the King Bracelet ($59) to match (which means you could have her birthday and anniversary gifts already picked out…)



$45 Rooted For Good Rooted Scrub Gift Set

For moms who love non-toxic, yummy-smelling, revitalizing, and relaxing bath goods.



$49 Rooted For Good Soap, Scrub, & Soak Gift Set

This Mom finds peace soaking in a bathtub (sometimes with a good book).



$34 My Saint My Hero J.O.Y. Bracelet-St. Benedict

For the mom who is bright, lively, and doesn’t have time for curses, evil, vice, or bad health! Remember to sneakily check if she likes silver or gold.



$28 Gloria Dei Boutique Sacred Heart Rose Studs

If her favorite movie is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, these earrings are for her! She’s spunky, she's artsy, she’s into classical literature, and she has fun taste.



$47.99 West Coast Catholic Immaculate Heart Rosary

Her favorite app? Pinterest. Her favorite store? Target. Her favorite people? The family she’s made with you--after Jesus, of course. ;)



$49.94 Catholic.Store Pro-Life Cloisonné Rosary

If your wife is fiercely protective, loves everyone she meets, is a proud American AND knows her catholic social teaching, you have hit the jackpot. These gorgeous rosaries (there are multiple colors/designs) help fund a group of sisters who help women escape totalitarian regimes to places of safety where they can deliver their children and receive care. She’ll be saying prayers of gratitude on these beads.


$44.95 Tan Books A Year with the Popes: Daily Meditations with the Vicar of Christ

“I like reading, but some books are just so dry.” Not this one! For the woman who wants to be steeped in the papacy, history, apologetics, and not be bored to tears - this book is just what the Papa ordered.

$75 and above

$77 Rooted For Good Essential Oil Bundle

For eco-conscious and health conscious moms who value non-toxic goods, high-quality oils, and homes that smell heavenly.



$98 My Saint My Hero Mary Star of the Sea Cuff

Perfect for the artistic mom who values the “cherry-on-top” style details, and loves her Mama.


$99.95 Word on Fire The Word on Fire Bible (Volume III): The Pentateuch- Leather

If you want to hear her whisper an awe-filled “wow…” then this Bible is the one to do it. Just crack it open and look at the beauty inside--you’ll be in awe, too.



$153.50 Rooted for Good Essential Oil Singles Starter Kit

Listen--if she’d like something like this, we both know it’s not really a “starter kit”; it’s an “I didn’t chose the essential oils life, the essential oils life chose me” gift for your crunchy, thoughtful, useful gifts lover.



$172 My Saint My Hero Queen of the Universe Necklace

This mom has a classic, luxurious style, but she’s grounded in her faith as Mary leads her to Jesus. If she’s into fine, dainty details, check out the Limited Edition version ($240) of this necklace, and don’t forget to check what colors she prefers.