The Saint Who Scares Off Evil

by Matt Meeks

The Story of Saint Benedict

The Feast of St. Benedict is approaching July 11th. When we find ourselves in darkness - feeling like chaos is more powerful than peace, division than unity, or despair than hope - Saint Benedict is a perfect saint to restore Christ in our lives.

St. Benedict of Nursia lived a short 67 years, dying around 547 AD. Frustrated with the corruption of the world and its influence on the life of the Church, Benedict sought peace. prayer and Christian community in the mountains outside Rome, writing the Rule of St. Benedict and founding monasticism as we know it. His simple life of prayer, work and hospitality ended up being a radical rebellion against the forces of darkness. Saint Benedict’s quiet and loving decision to build communities of work, prayer and peace upon the teachings of Christ worked miracles among his followers, renewed the Church, and transformed the world.

What is the Benedict Medal?

The Saint Benedict Holy Medal is a tangible reminder to the Church of the gift of St. Benedict to each of us. At the center of the medal is a cross (the foundation of St. Benedict’s life), inscribed upon it is a declaration to a life of holiness, exorcism prayers in Latin to dispel evil, and the image of St. Benedict and his rule of peace. Exorcists today use the cross of St. Benedict in the healing ministry of exorcism. Many recommend that Christians place this cross in their homes or wear it on their bodies as a reminder of the protection of Christ and the saints against spiritual illness and diabolic influence.

The Benedict Collection

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St. Benedict, Pray for us!