God is Calling us to Revival!

by Desirae Sifuentes

In just one week, Catholics from across the United States and beyond will gather in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress. The first Eucharistic Congress since 1932 is set to take place from July 17th through the 21st, promises to be a time of deep spiritual renewal, communal celebration, and profound encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. But why is this Congress happening now, what is its significance, and how can we carry its spirit beyond the event itself?

The impetus behind the upcoming Eucharistic Congress is the National Eucharistic Revival, a grassroots movement initiated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). This multi-year effort, launched in 2021, aims to rekindle a living relationship with Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist among Catholics in America. At a time when studies have shown that a significant number of Catholics do not fully understand or believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the Revival seeks to renew our faith and devotion to this central mystery of our faith.

The Congress serves as the pinnacle event in this Revival, providing an opportunity for the faithful to come together, learn, worship, and be inspired. It’s a moment to pause and reflect on the incredible gift of the Eucharist and to strengthen our commitment to living a Eucharistic life, before going forward and continuing to evangelize our communities and people worldwide. 

The Eucharist is often referred to as the "source and summit" of the Christian life, and for good reason. In the Eucharist, we encounter the true presence of Jesus Christ—body, blood, soul, and divinity. This profound mystery is not just a symbol, but a real, living presence that nourishes our souls and sustains our faith.

The Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis will be a profound deep dive into this heart of our faith. With a lineup of inspiring speakers, including renowned theologians, clergy, and lay leaders, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Eucharist. Workshops and sessions will cover a range of topics, from the theology of the Eucharist to practical ways to live out a Eucharistic life in our daily actions (I share all this with you not because this is a sponsored post, but because you can still register for the congress!). 

Moreover, the Congress will be a time of powerful worship. Daily Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, and Benediction will be at the core of the event, providing opportunities for profound personal encounters with Jesus in the Eucharist. The Congress will also include opportunities for confession, healing services, and other sacramental moments that remind us of the boundless mercy and love of God. Of course, there’s also the “smelling of the people” taking place -- approximately 40,000 pilgrims estimated at the time of writing -- meeting your fellow catholics, walking with them in their pilgrimage, and building a stronger community that will last well beyond the week-long event.

While the Congress itself will be an unforgettable experience, it is essential to remember that the call to Eucharistic revival does not end when we leave Indianapolis. In fact, the true measure of the Congress’s success will be how we carry its spirit into our daily lives and local communities.

To live a eucharistic life is to create one that is centered on Christ and continually nourished by the Eucharist. This means regularly participating in the Mass, spending time in Eucharistic Adoration, and letting the grace we receive in the Eucharist flow into every aspect of our lives. It means recognizing Christ in our neighbors, especially in the poor and marginalized, and responding with love and compassion.

As we prepare for the Congress (whether in the stadium or enjoying it from afar), let us also prepare our hearts to be transformed. Let us commit to deepening our personal prayer lives, engaging more fully in our parishes, and seeking opportunities to learn more about our faith. The Eucharistic Revival calls each of us to a renewed fervor and devotion, challenging us to be witnesses to the transforming power of the Eucharist in a world that so desperately needs it. We do this by incorporating Jesus more and more into our lives, by spending time with and receiving Him in the Eucharist, as well as making Him more center in our homes and lives with amazing religious books, sacramentals, and more (for ourselves and our families). Kick off your transformation by shopping our Eucharistic Congress collection here.

I know I’ve touched on this, but it’s so important that it begs to repeat: consider this my personal invite to each of you to consider how you can be part of this incredible movement. Whether you can attend the Congress in person or participate from afar through prayer and local events, your involvement is vital. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join with thousands of other Catholics in reigniting our love for the Eucharist and committing ourselves to live out its implications in our daily lives. This is not only a critical time of transformation for us here today, but if we do it right, it will be a complete trajectory shift for generations to come. Let this Congress be a springboard for a deeper, more vibrant faith. Let it inspire you to draw closer to Jesus in the Eucharist and to share that love with others. The world needs the light and hope born from a Eucharistic life, and each of us has a role to play in spreading that light.

As we journey towards Indianapolis, let us pray for one another and for the success of the Congress. May it be a time of profound renewal and transformation for all who attend and for the entire universal Church. Together, let us embrace the Bread of Life and commit to living a Eucharistic revival that extends far beyond the walls of the Congress and into every corner of our lives.

The 2024 National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis is more than just an event; it is a call to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and to live out our faith in a more profound and authentic way. As we prepare for this significant moment in the life of the Church, let us open our hearts to the transformative power of the Eucharist and commit to being agents of revival in our own communities. Together, let us embrace the Bread of Life and share the love and light of Christ with a world in need. Will I see you there?

Join the Revival!