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The Philosophy of Existence

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By Gabriel Marcel

The Philosophy of Existence, among the first translations into English of the Catholic existentialist Gabriel Marcel, articulates the integral elements, constitutive terminology, and characteristic anthropology of Marcel’s philosophy of existence. Provocative and penetrating, The Philosophy of Existence provides an analysis of enduring relevance on modern man and the modern condition, worthy of repeated readings.

A philosophy of this sort [existentialism] is carried by an irresistible movement towards the light which it perceives from afar and of which it suffers the secret attraction.” – Gabriel Marcel

Gabriel Marcel (1889–1973) was a French philosopher, convert to Roman Catholicism, and the most distinguished proponent of Christian existentialism of the twentieth century. His works in English include Being and Having, The Mystery of Being (in two volumes), and Homo Viator: Introduction to a Metaphysic of Hope.

Paperback: 158pp.

ISBN: 978-1949899139


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