Fleur Nabert Creations

The Good Friday Cross

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The Good Friday. Such a terrible day, that even today I cannot live without a heavy heart. We killed love. I wanted to represent it with delicacy. I took a slightly red rosewood piece and soberly included it in a Byzantine cross made of completely transparent resin. Those rosewood pieces look like the thorns of the holy Crown. This wood speaks of all the suffering of the One who was hung on it.

But our Hope never fades. And despite this day, when the tabernacles are empty and saddened, a golden glow points at the center of the cross through a small gold leaf.
He will come back. Despite all of the difficulties, despite the death, his light will be reborn in Emmaüs. We must wait in confidence...

  • Rings in 24 carats gold plated, 925 silver
  • Fully transparent resin
  • Size of the Cross is 1.37 x 1.06 inch
  • Sold without chain or ribbon
  • Limited Supply


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