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Rosebush earrings

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The Rose Petal Collection is here available in a resolutely contemporary aesthetic! I create a fine rectangular resin pendant adorned with Rose Petal and Gold Leaf. I mount it on a golden cord that goes through the ear lobe. I add a little invisible silicon stopper to hide behind the lobe. The ensemble is fine, fresh, modern and original. As usual in my creations, it is a lightweight extremely easy to wear even for long hours.

And behind this rather trendy look, very easy to offer to teenager or young adults (without any risk of being labelled "passé"!), it is always our dear Therese of Lisieux who watches and inspires this jewel ! The Rose Petals are a reference to her little voice of confidence and love, this simple voice that adds light and hope to our days. I take the bet, that this jewel, together with the beautiful prayer card that comes along with it, will know how to talk faith, even to those who are far from it !

The cord mount, thanks to its golden rod, goes very easily through the ear lobe, like any other earring. We then position half the cord in front of the lobe, and the other half behind. The golden cord is then beautifully positioned around the lobe. The small stopper goes very easily on the back side, and is made such as to reassure those who are not used to this system. In the case of clip-ons, the pendant is the same, though I cannot add a golden cord, which is replaced by a clip-on.


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