Pro-Life Cloisonné Rosary

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At Catholic.Store we are blessed to know a group of sisters who help pregnant women under totalitarian regimes escape to safety where they can deliver their children and receive care. While we can’t mention the country these sisters operate in for fear of discovery, we are blessed to be able to sell rosaries handmade by the mothers awaiting the birth of their children in hiding. These handmade rosaries using the ancient cloissoné technique help finance the sisters' work and provide care for the mothers and their babies. 

We can think of no better rosary to pray for a total victory for life in the United States and around the world while supporting moms and their children - born and preborn. Each rosary carries with it the prayers, hopes and dreams of the mothers who made it - prayers for their children, for their families, for their country and for the entire world. Because they are handmade, we have a limited number of rosaries available in each variant. As a result, please select the type of rosary you would like and you will receive a beautiful rosary. Rosaries come in multiple colors with a lovely silk bag for carrying in your purse or pocket. Because we have limited quantity, we can't guarantee which color you will receive. Order a rosary for you, your family members and all friends who pray for life today. Your purchase helps give mothers and their children a safe place to welcome new life into our beautiful world. 

About cloissoné technique:
Cloissoné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects with colored material separated by metal strips or wire, normally gold or silver. In recent centuries, enamel has been used, but inlays of cut gemstones, glass and other materials may also be included.


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