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Married Saints

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By Selden P. Delany

Married Saints, first published in 1935, illustrates the legacy of holiness left by men and women who vowed themselves to the sacrament of matrimony. Embarking from the simple yet life-altering observation that saints are those who seek in all things to conform themselves to the will of God, Delany refutes any prevailing notions that Christian sanctity is properly reserved to individuals vowed to celibacy. Through nineteen succinct biographies, Married Saints offers a comprehensive overview of the unbroken thread of seemingly ordinary lives made extraordinary by the embrace of faith, hope, and love.

Christian marriage is the union before God of two souls who wish, by the grace of the sacrament to perfect one another, to love one another, and to give children to the Church and saints to heaven. –Selden P. Delany

Selden P. Delany (1874–1935) was among the most prominent American converts from Episcopalianism to the Roman Catholic Church of his time. A minister prior to his conversion, he received conditional baptism in 1930 and was then ordained a Catholic priest on St. Patrick’s Day, 1934. In addition to Married Saints, Delany’s Catholic writings include Why Rome? and Rome from Within.

Paperback: 238pp.

 ISBN: 978-1950970766


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