Fleur Nabert Creations

Light Pink Dove Charm

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"- Mummy, could you craft for me a pink Holy Spirit?
- Pink?
- Yes! I would Love it, and I am sure that would please the Holy Spirit as well! 
- Mmmmh. If you think so!"

Being the mother of three girls and creating jewelry, there are some requests I can't resist! Here is my brass dove on a transparent background of pink mica, very slightly glittering, for little girls... and big one as their mothers are!

  • Medallion made of resin and mica with a brass, hand-sculpted dove
  • Size of the medallion is 0.98 x 0.70 inch
  • Assembled with gold plated sterling silver rings
  • Sold without chain or ribbon
  • Each piece is hand-made and might differ slightly from product images


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