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Images in a Mirror

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By Sigrid Undset

Images in a Mirror is the story of Fru Hjelde, an actress who abandons in a burst of passion her successful career and marries a man with whom she had little in common. After the passing of ten years, Uni—as Fru Hjelde is called—finds that her husband and five children have become, not an impetus, but rather an intractable obstacle to a life of fulfillment. Eager for diversion, Uni finds the opportunity to expand her world after a chance encounter with a charming acquaintance from her past.

The last of Undset’s modern background novels, Images in a Mirror takes the emotional trappings of a prosaic life and casts them in such light that they become visible for what they truly are: the signs and signals of the human heart seeking its ultimate desire.

Images in a mirror—is it any more than that? We sit here and feel around us shadows of the things that might have been and that might have made life rich for us both and given it a fullness which we now know it can never have.

Sigrid Undset (1882–1949) was a Norwegian novelist and essayist and a convert to Catholicism. Her work is renowned for its realism and poignancy, and she is best known for her three-volume novel Kristin Lavransdatter. In 1928, Undset was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Paperback: 206pp.

ISBN: 978-1950970650


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