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Holy Eucharist, Divine Sun II

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I won't have enough of an artist's life
to draw the sublime fire of the Holy Eucharist.
It illuminates without burning,
it warms us without judging all of our poverties, 
It is the silent summit of Love and Mercy.

This glass icon is an artwork that I hand carved and thermoformed in glass at over 800 degrees in the most brilliant stained-glass studio in Europe : the LOIRE Studios near the Chartres cathedral in France.

Those glass icons are numbered and created in limited series of 12 copies that confer their rarety and value. 

It can be displayed in a prayer corner, with a candle nearby, on your desk, on a bookshelf. The gold leaf is sensitive, one should avoid touching it with fingers. 

I will ship it within 3 days by express courrier in a reinforced protected box.
The icon is delivered with a modern and transparent plexiglass pedestal to make it stand upright (to see how the plexiglass pedestal looks, please see the picture of "Azure Christ icon"), as well as a certificate of authenticity of the work and the identification number of the copy. 

The icon is discreetly signed, dated and numbered with a diamond graver on the right side.

Dimension 7.87 x 11.8 x 0.25 inches.


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