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Over the last 10+ years, our three founders independently left careers in technology, entertainment and software to pursue similar visions to serve the Church. In pursuing their vision they went to work for dioceses and Catholic apostolates, ultimately leaving those jobs and striking out on their own to better serve the Church through founding Catholic Ventures. As the first initiative of Catholic Ventures, is a project born from love and sacrifice for the Church in a relentless pursuit to serve Jesus. connects you with Catholic authors, artisans and small businesses in order to bring the light and beauty of the faith to your family, your home and your friends. We find it sad that almost every Catholic vendor has the same products. Have you ever wondered why you find the same books, statues, medals, and crucifixes whether you are in Lourdes, Rome, at the Basilica in Mexico City, at your local parish gift shop, or shopping online? The problem isn’t a lack of great Catholic items, it's a problem with discovery and distribution. To solve that, we’ve met the artisans and curate products with you in mind. At we strive to bring new life to help you live and share your faith at home and in the world.

In addition to supporting Catholic small businesses, is a social good forprofit, giving a percentage of our profits back to the family of God, through Catholic religious orders and nonprofits.

While we aren’t the only Catholic store online, we are committed to four simple principles that we think make a world of difference:

1. You are Infinitely Valuable

Jesus died for God the Father and He died for you. Unfortunately, because secular concerns have so impacted Catholic organizations, they can lose sight of this - becoming more concerned with the mission and less aware of Jesus. They become competitive, focusing on their donors, numbers, reach, impact, and the bottom line, which leads to an activism where the tendency is to see people as expendable or at the service of a mission. We believe people are the mission. Because the price paid for each of us is Jesus, each person has infinite value. We strive to be present to God, to our customers and to our employees. And, we ask you to correct us when we aren’t.

2. We are a Family of God

We believe the evangelization of the world will come from the unity of the Church because Jesus tells us so in the Gospel of John (John 17:21). And the unity of the Church is not modeled as a bureaucracy, or a corporation, or a bunch of independent secular businesses and nonprofits. It is modeled as a family. Just as with any family, the Family of God is messy, there is conflict, and it can be painful. In short, the family is hard to hold together. And right now, the family is in a state of disintegration. We strive to work against the disintegration and toward unity.

3. Marriage and Family are the Foundation

We can’t solve the crisis in the priesthood, or the fragmentation in the Church without first supporting and helping families. Jesus was formed in the home of Mary and Joseph. The institution of the Eucharist took place in the upper room of a family home. The first church in Rome was the home of a Roman Senator. The list illustrates that the institutional Church grew out of a Church in total service to the laity on the frontlines through the Domestic Church. It is our mission to do the same.

4. Love Demands Excellence

Until recently, the Church has weathered 2,000 years of change at the cutting edge of the arts and technology. And the Church has been on the cutting edge because love demands excellence. From the Italian Renaissance to hospitals and universities, to advancements in the arts and the sciences, the Church has added significant value to secular life. The times where it has fallen behind have been catastrophic. Today, we are behind again in technological innovation and bringing beauty and sacred art to our worship, to our homes and to public life. We are committed to developing technologies that continue to connect laity, authors, artisans and religious communities while curating the highest quality products.

Maybe in being an intentional online store, we can help make the world a little more Catholic. At the very least, we hope to provide a new way of looking at the Catholic Church. A Church that isn’t focused on serving the structure but structured around serving you. Because that is what Jesus wants.

If you are a customer, please tell us about your experience. If you are a Catholic artisan or small business interested in having us distribute your products, we’d like to get to know you.